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We lead entrepreneurial women in the art of wandering.

We actively seek the unexpected. To experience the world through art, design, culture, cuisine and creativity.
Our quest is to inspire your everyday by opening your mind.

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Dear readers,

We are very excited to unveil our new name, Modern Flâneurs, and website.

It’s been a hard process but we really wanted to make it true to what we believe in.

Experiencing the world as a flâneur appears to be vital if we want to keep our soul and creativity in our ever more connected world that always pushes us to be on.

Take a step back. Have some headspace. Breathe. Only then you will be able to see the beauties of the world and …find cleverer solutions to your current problems.

That’s what we are trying to do: educate entrepreneurs into the art of flânerie or wandering in order to live a happier and more efficient life.

It’s seems odd and counterintuitive but read our article to understand why this is for you.

We hope you’ll soon be convinced of the utter necessity of being a modern flâneur.

Don’t forget to sign up as a member to become a Modern Flâneur and join our Members only Facebook group to exchange on our “flâneries”.

Happy wandering,


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Dubai: Anabelle de Gersigny

Dubai is currently multiplying the initiatives and the venues for art and design. Very intrigued by the city’s positioning on the international art scene, I did some research and came across Tashkeel. Established in Dubai by Lateefa bint Maktoum in January 2008, Tashkeel is an independent resource for artists and designers with, as mission, to support, encourage, and promote the work of artists of all nationalities living and working in the UAE. I had the opportunity to meet with Anabelle de Gersigny, Tashkeel’s Strategy and Partnership Development Manager who showed me the premises.

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A taste of the Tbilisi fashion scene

Travel to Georgia, on the south-eastern edge of Europe, and encounter raw nature, rich cultural heritage, complex cuisine and wines that reflect a long, complicated history including periods under Persian and Russian rule. But when it comes to fashion, it gets a bit confusing. Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, as well as its largest city. Modern Flâneurs Tbilisi insider, Daria, investigates what its designers are up to, and shares their opinions about the industry.

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious – Albert Einstein

Things to feed your mind

Manifesto for a modern flâneur – Why is it vital to become a modern flâneur?

- 3 October 2015


Discover E- play, one of our favourite Serbian bands. They offer a multitude of modern music influences. We especially like the extremely energetic base, distorted guitars and interesting vocals while in the Echo-tone song. We appreciate the very subtle jazzy atmosphere.

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